Vital things money can't buy

Vital things that money can’t buy


Earning a sound amount of money is never a bad idea, who doesn’t love to fulfill the needs and wants of life. Money has the influential power to buy you luxury things. You can buy Tesla, BMW, Big house. In any case, ensure that you don’t lose the vital things that money can’t buy you because there are a few parts of your life, your own self, your enthusiasm, connections, and experiences that will be incomparable to money.

Health counts as one of the most important things

What would be the purpose of having a lot of money but you are not in sound health to use it? Health is one of the most vital things that money can’t buy you.

There is a famous quote “Only a sick can see the crown of a healthy person”.

Although money can help you get medical insurances, expensive appointments to highly skilled doctors, it never guarantees you good health. Earning good enough with a clean bill of health is a healthy balance of life.

The happiness that money can’t buy

At a certain age of life we get to know the value of money. We have mostly seen that poor people are on the ninth cloud rather than the rich people because they are contented with what they have.

A famous quote says: “Money has never made man happy, nor will it; there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants.”­ – Benjamin Franklin.


Life is spent on a purpose and it gives motivation to living and doing more to build a good name. Without purpose, there is no charm of life, and certainly, money can’t buy you a purpose in life. Many seminars/ meetings are conducted for people although few of them are free sessions to motivate and give the right path for their life. To get this you have to put in some effort.

Money can’t buy you Love


Love is a feeling of pure intimacy. Falling head over heels in love is a very beautiful feeling.

it is a genuine action filled with beautiful emotions that unwinds between two people without any greed.

Love gives us a feeling of being valued, secure, and comfortable. And surely money can’t buy your love, though it can bring you lust and attraction for a while.


Respect is reciprocal in all cases, if you can’t give respect you can’t get either. Imagine being a rich person but your children’s or life partner don’t respect you. They might hesitate or only respect you in fear.


Attitude of one’s show their personality. There is a famous saying “Your tongue is the door to your character and personality”. Though money can influence your personality but it can never buy you moral, integrity and class.


Money can buy you books, but to attain knowledge and wisdom you have to come in field to gain wisdom. With experiences comes wisdom.

Money can’t buy you Loyalty:

Money can buy you services but it can’t buy you loyalty. Loyalty is a dynamic part of your personal and professional life to flourish. People tend to take predicting risks on the basis of loyalty. it sustains a bond between two individuals, be it a business deal or family relationships.

Inner peace:


The famous saying “A healthy body is a healthy mind!” Rich people’s life is filled with lots of stress and pressure to earn more and be more wealthy.  Thus being wealthy doesn’t buy you inner peace, it is attained by giving more and doing more for those who are not privileged enough.


The primary and essential element of life. A father has a vital role in a child’s life and money can’t buy you the compassion and warmth of a father and it doesn’t help you buy a mother’s pure and selfless love.

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